#SMWHH speaks English!

As one of the world’s leading conference series, Social Media Week has an undying commitment to equipping community members with the tools, insights, and practices for shaping their business in profound ways that positively define the industry and enable them to advance their careers.

This year, with the global theme, “HUMAN.X: The Future of Marketing Will be Human-First and Experience-Driven,” Social Media Week Hamburg will bring its unique perspective into how we can influence, impact, and change people’s lives by bringing humanity back to marketing. This will primarily involve our obligation to respect consumers’ time and attention, foster meaningful connection through empathy and shared experiences, and create safe and trustworthy environments for interaction.


As one of nearly 25 cities around the globe, #SMWHH is proud to be part of the network and will host some events in English as well as bilingual events. As a guide through the February conference we have listed them below.

Offizielles #SMWHH 2020 Opening

Join us for the official Opening Ceremony of #SMWHH 2020! We would like to start with you into the three-day conference under the global theme HUMAN.X – The Future of Marketing will be Human-First & Experience-Driven. Look forward to a welcoming speech by Dr. Carsten Brosda and a futuristic view with futurologist Oliver Leisse about Chance, Purpose and Panic.


Voice-enabled devices are becoming ubiquitous and it won’t be long before conversation becomes a standard way of interacting with machines. In this keynote, I examine this forthcoming reality from the perspective of contact linguistics. In the realm of natural languages, when two linguistic communities interact with each other the result is always a mutual change in the characteristics of both languages. Under certain circumstances, a new language can even be generated. I explore what effects conversing with machines might have on both human and machine language use.


The presentation is divided into three sections:

In the first section, I argue that we should expect the continuous interaction of humans with speaking devices to reshape our own language. Hybridization of human and conversational practices is an inevitable part of our future and, since language shapes thought and influences perception, this interaction will also change the way we think and how we make sense of the external world.

I then go on to introduce a range of evidence that demonstrates that the process of language change is already happening. I do this by depicting a set of conversational practices already migrating from machine conversation into human conversation and analysing the behaviours of native users of conversational interfaces.

In the final section of the presentation, I introduce fundamental reasons for keeping human-to-machine conversational interactions within the boundaries of a distinctly human framework. I close by showing how the application to Conversational UX design of linguistic sub-disciplines such as Conversation Analysis, Sociolinguistics, and Sociopragmatics can help us implement more human interactive contexts in the future.



»Washing equals dignity«. With this principle, GoBanyo – the free shower bus for the homeless in Hamburg – achieved a record crowdfunding in spring 2019.

With private donations, thousands of people have made it possible to finance the bus conversion and running costs for the first few months.

But, how do you sustainably finance a social startup like this?
We’ll take the US American shower bus project LavaMaex and the international brand »The Right To Shower« as an example to talk about how a solution to a social problem like homelessness could look like.



Since Oreo’s infamous “Dunk in the Dark” moment during the 2013 Super Bowl, brands have chased the elusive promise of real-time content. There’s no doubt that real-time content can be effective in driving better engagement, increased reach, and more return on investment. The question that may seem too obvious to ask is, “Why?” Good real-time content is always relevant, but not everything relevant is created in real-time. In this talk, author and Reddit’s former Head of Brand Strategy, Joe Federer, will explain his framework for creating relevant social content and how real-time content should fit into a broader social strategy.


Attendees will learn:
Federer’s five principles for creating great evergreen social creative
The common pitfalls for marketers creating real-time social content
When to make a case for real-time creative and when our resources can be better spent elsewhere.



Social media has captured our collective attention unlike any technology before it, but rarely do we ask ourselves, “Why?” According to Joe Federer’s upcoming book The Hidden Psychology of Social Networks, the answer lies in evolutionary biology and Freudian psychology. Drawing on over a decade of building social media teams in big agencies and having launched Reddit’s Brand Strategy team in 2016, Federer will illustrate the importance of understanding user mindset in different digital environments with campaigns that have defined best practices for platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Reddit.


Attendees will learn:
How to get inside the mind of an audience member to drive better and deeper engagement
How to meaningfully differentiate brands’ social presences to optimize participation in different social networks
Real world applications of Federer’s frameworks using examples from brands at the forefront of social media marketing.



The world is fed up with traditional influencer marketing: Thanks to never-ending streams of repetitive content and thanks to fake influencers with fake followers, fake engagement and fake likes, the ‘death‘ of this traditional top-down approach is inevitable.
A fundamental change is happening in consumer behavior and all change brings new opportunity!


Re-engineering your influencer marketing strategy – What you will learn:
• Why influencers can’t influence anymore.
• Why you should go for authenticity instead of big names.
• How you can engage with your consumer tribes, so that they interact with your brand.
• Get innovative on how to become more meaningful and relevant to your target audience in 2020 and beyond.
• How to better understand consumer decisions, trends and make it actionable.


Control the room: Wie man schwierige Workshop Teilnehmer in den Griff bekommt

Wir alle kennen sie…die Charaktere die einem den best geplanten Workshop oder Sprint sprengen können. Durch Widerstand, kritische Fragen, Skepsis bis hin zum aktiven sabotieren der Situation.

Das Gute ist, dass die meisten dies nicht mit böser Absicht machen. Sondern anders gelagerte Motivationen dahinter stehen. Wie man diese erkennt und dann damit umgeht könnt ihr in diesem Workshop lernen.

Der Trainer Tomasz Borek ist Co-Gründer von NEON Sprints. Er moderiert seit über 15 Jahren Workshops für globale Projekte mit interkulturellen Teams. Heute verantwortet er die Trainings bei NEON Sprints und trainiert die Product Teams von Google USA, Böhringer Ingelheim Innovationlab, Deutsche Bahn, XING, Innogy, Deloitte, etc.

Das Training ist für alle geeignet die regelmäßig Workshops und Sprints konzipieren und moderieren.

Stimmen aus unseren Trainings: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E_R77xRAyf4&

Ihr wollt “the real” New Work? Probiert’s mit #KollektiveIntuition

Kicker, Mate oder Sneaker – ist das New Work? Kann, muss aber nicht! In diesem Workshop lernen wir gemeinsam wie Teams mit ihrer Kollektiven Intuition sehr wohl ein Gefühl dafür haben, wie “the real” New Work funktionieren kann. Mit Vertrauen aufeinander und true Ownership gelingt der Weg von starren Hierarchien und überholten Organisationsformen zur sinnhaften, lebendigen und produktiven Arbeitswelt der Zukunft. Wie Veränderungen zum menschenorientierten Arbeiten relativ unkompliziert und ohne großes Budget eingeführt werden können, testet ihr mit kleinen New Work-Hacks in von der Innovationsbegleiterin, New Work- und Leadership-Expertin Brandes-Visbeck. Mit ihrer Beratungslogik #KollektiveIntuition begleitet sie Teams und Organisationen bei ihren Veränderungsprozessen an der Schnittstelle von Digitalisierung, Kommunikation und Human Resources.

Mini-Hackathon: (Selbst-)Optimierung mit digitalen Technologien

Entwicklung eines Business Plan Canvas für eine Optimierungs-Anwendung / wearable.


Nett Worken mit Super.Platten

Oli B. & Jacques Schwips spielen Super.Platten – All time Lieblingssongs von Indie bis Electro ab 20.30 Uhr.
Aus aktuellem Anlass zelebrieren wir diese Edition gemeinsam mit der Social Media Week Hamburg und kredenzen Euch ganz besondere Drinks made by RYEKORN. Unter dem Motto “Nett Worken” laden wir Euch herzlich in die Superbude St. Pauli zum entspannten Afterwork ein.
Wir freuen uns auf Euch!

#SMWHH Networking Cocktail Hour

„Gin is my thing” (Winston Churchill)

Die #SMWHH Cocktail Hour bietet euch Gelegenheit, gemeinsam mit unserem Partner #Schweppes den Abend ausklingen zulassen. Das Cocktail Bike in der Premium Lounge hält leckere Drinks für euch bereit. Den grünen #SMWHH Signature Drink “Gin Tonic Matcha” gibt es nur bei uns – laßt den Barkeeper fleißig arbeiten!
Nach einem aufregenden Tag mit viel Input lernt ihr hier Speaker, das #SMWHH Netzwerk und vielleicht auch neue Kollegen kennen. Teilt mit ihnen spannende Ideen und Erfahrungen. Knüpft nachhaltige persönliche Kontakte, die euch weiterbringen. Während ihr kreative Drinks in entspannter Umgebung genießt, erfahrt ihr die Neuigkeiten aus der Social-Media-Welt.

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